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Our goal for BoatingSF.com is to be the best resource available for anyone interested in San Francisco Bay. Especially for those of us who want to be out on the water. We aim to provide boat owners with the resources they need to properly care for their boat. We also assist visitors to San Francisco to find various charter boats and tourist related activities for their enjoyment while on vacation.

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We also provide up to date equipment recommendations and links to various safety requirements for boat owners and operators.

As San Francisco’s largest boating related directory we provide free listings for any related boating businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. We also offer featured listings and other advertising opportunities for marine service companies and boating related businesses.

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San Francisco Bay is one of the world’s best natural harbors. It is almost 60 miles long and varies between 3 and 12 miles wide. It drains approximately 40% of California’s watershed. This makes it a wonderful area for all types of boating activities as well as fishing. It is also a popular destination for migratory birds and hosts a number of important wetland areas.

Established for over 15 years, BoatingSF.com is a well respected resource of San Francisco boat owners. BoatingSF was originally created by Michael Slater in 2006.